What I took away from my Internship at Rock & Bloom

This summer I was welcomed by the team at Rock & Bloom as a design intern. Fresh out of school as a Graphic Communications grad, this was the most amazing experience I could have asked for.

 Since this was my first gig in the design world, I didn’t have many expectations at the start. My main hope was to learn more about my craft, but Rock & Bloom totally exceeded that. 

Always sharing, always learning

The entire crew was so open, always sharing what they know and making me feel right at home. They’re always ready to help you out with any questions you have, and they genuinely want you to grasp the reason behind the ‘why’ in terms of how we do things. They’re also really on the ball, aiming for top-notch quality in every project while staying on track.

Work-life balance for the win

Making sure I’m prioritizing a good work-life balance was new to me. I’ve never had coworkers who genuinely care more about their people than about the next job on the list. The team at Rock & Bloom always has your back and are always wanting to help you out. Their consistent support and flexibility creates such a supportive environment.

A place to be who you are

In addition to excelling in their roles, every member of the Rock & Bloom team are genuinely wonderful individuals. I found myself laughing harder at our numerous Slack channels than I ever thought possible, whether it’s the high-stress debates over where to have lunch or the impeccable GIF responses. 

The team that plays together, stays together

Another awesome aspect of Rock & Bloom is their homecoming week. Homecoming week is an entire week packed with good food, good times, and yeah, a bit of work too. Every employee (even the remote ones in Toronto and Vancouver) gather in-office to play games and bond as a team. It got pretty heated with a competitive Jeopardy game and multiple rounds of ‘Heads Up’ that somehow morphed into a full-blown sing-along. I can’t express how fun it was to work with these people.

I wouldn’t have changed anything about my time here at Rock & Bloom. I learned so much from an amazing group of people.

Inside the website transformation of a premier fund accounting firm

Aduro Advisors supports the success of the leading venture firms. Using best-in-class technology powered by the industry’s top professionals, they provide premier fund accounting services, enabling clients to perform at their best.

We’ve been lucky to work with Aduro over the course of many years. This is the second website project we’ve done with them, as they’ve grown dramatically since we first collaborated. This time they needed a new website that could reflect just how much they’ve grown and evolved.  

Challenge Accepted

For this project we needed to optimize web content and be direct about who they serve. We also needed to tell the Aduro story in a compelling way,  while reflecting the size of the company and the skills they offer. 

Through collaboration and iteration, we were able to make creative choices that truly set Aduro Advisors apart from their competition. 

Big Goals Lead to Big Gains

The project goals included:

  • Redesign and refine website to enhance growth 
  • Continue to attract top talent using the website as a landing point for potential recruits
  • Showcase new Aduro videos and client resource section
  • Build and enhance new content with the help of Rock & Bloom content strategist
  • Ensure that the site reflects the evolution and current scope of Aduro

Getting Down to Business 

Full Website Redesign

With the website redesign it was important to accomplish a few things. First, we wanted to show off the caliber of work that they do. Next, we wanted to really humanize the site – to show what it looks like to work at Aduro. We didn’t want anything to feel corporate or cold, instead we opted for design choices that would bring warmth to the site.  

The hierarchy of the website and content priority remained top of mind throughout the entire project. We needed to ensure that each page told a story, and that the story was comprehensive, yet concise. The goal was to create a seamless relationship between content and design that could empower their team to make edits as they continue to grow.

Celebrating The Wins

Like Aduro itself, our relationship with their team has grown stronger over the years. We love collaborating with this powerhouse client, building a brand that is made to last and a website that delivers a powerful impact.

In approaching our website refresh, Rock and Bloom immediately honed in on the people-first strategy that sets Aduro apart. The final product is a website that celebrates our incredible team while still highlighting the premier service and technology we’re known for. We have had a longstanding relationship with Heather, David, and the R&B team. Their expert advice has been instrumental as we have scaled our business and evolved the Aduro brand over the years

— Jess Brooking

Visit their website to see the full redesign and learn more about this innovative company.

Energizing change: How we transformed an international energy brand for global impact 

Based in The Netherlands, WMC Energy leverages their network, market knowledge and financial engineering capability to bring the raw materials produced by mining companies around the world to the processors and end-users that help build a cleaner future.

In other words, they provide the resource solutions needed for the global energy transition to an efficient, stable and sustainable society.

A vital mission such as this one needs a strong brand, a functional website, and impactful messaging to support and drive their efforts. We were honoured to take on the challenge and position WMC for growth.

Challenge Accepted

WMC has continued to gain traction; our challenge was to build off of the momentum that has been generated, while attracting and retaining key partners with a credible, professional brand.

Through a balance of professionalism, sophistication and innovation, we wanted to build a strong and confident brand that generates excitement and energy, acting as a foundation for the business as it continues to evolve.

Big Goals Lead to Big Gains 

The project scope included: 

  • Brand strategy
    • Key messaging 
  • Brand Identity
    • New logo
    • Colour palette
    • Font selection
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Marketing Collateral 
  • Website Redesign
  • Photography Creative Direction

Getting Down to Business  


The WMC logo is simple, clean, and recognizable. We opted for a modern take, while clean lines represent a strong and timeless aesthetic.

The logo is in movement; it’s fluid and flexible. The ‘W’ and ‘M’ connect, representing the link that they provide to a cleaner future. 

Colours & Fonts 

To complement the new logo, we chose modern colours and fonts, embodying a fresh and exciting feel, while remaining polished and professional.

Colour is an integral part of WMC’s brand identity and reinforces the cohesiveness of the brand. The color palette was inspired by Amsterdam, where it all started. The old palette was cold, whereas the new palette – featuring oranges, reds and golds as accents – is warm and inviting.

Typography is a powerful brand tool when used consistently. We chose a font that perfects the balance of rugged and weathered, creating a sophisticated trustworthiness. Our secondary font is purposefully plain, prioritizing legibility and balancing the expressiveness of the other fonts.

“We are glad to have chosen Rock and Bloom as our rebranding partner. They have done an amazing job in designing a brand and logo that reflects our company vibe, values and most important—ENERGY. We are a dynamic group, who cares about our world’s energy transition, and we feel that our new brand captures this sentiment and drive.

Leah Laxdal, WMC Group, Amsterdam


One aspect of this project was ensuring that WMC didn’t come across as a startup. They have the challenge of competing with massive players in the space, and we wanted to make sure they stood out for the work they do.

This meant breaking down a complex business model and making it easy to understand. We created visually appealing infographics that explain their process in a concise and easily digestible way. We also used key messaging to tell their story in a compelling way that would resonate with users.
Photography played a pivotal role in conveying WMC brand’s essence and values. We wanted to focus on showcasing people in their visual storytelling, as it aligns with their core business value of building strong and lasting relationships.

Celebrating The Wins

We loved working with this international team. Through thoughtful collaboration and intentional design choices we created a brand that really makes a splash in their industry, helping them stand out from the competition and positioning them for future growth.

WMC is building a reliable business that will continue to grow and expand for many years – this new brand will set them up for success, helping contribute to global energy sustainability and security.

Despite being a company based in Amsterdam, Rock and Bloom were flexible to work around our time difference and facilitate digital meetings that accommodated our busy schedules and varied availability. They provided regular communication and project updates, and they were able to pivot with our feedback throughout the entire project.”

Leah Laxdal, WMC Group, Amsterdam

Check out their new brand and website to learn more about how they’re changing the world.