Meet the Team

We make some pretty big claims. We’re your next big idea. The next level. The buried treasure. The above the clutter, clear voice over white noise, giraffe among wildebeest. 

And it’s all true. It’s not easy to deliver on big promises, but we do it. Every time. And the reason we do it is the people behind the brand. We are creators. Makers, doers, designers, developers, marketers, analyzers, producers, dreamers, builders, starters and finishers. And we are all that’s in between. We are Rock & Bloom.

We create and reimagine brands, and deliver projects with meaning and impact. With clients all over North America — from Saskatoon to San Francisco, Boston to Nebraska, even Midale and Regina — our work knows no boundaries. Design and strategy leads each project. We sit at the intersection of creativity and analysis, risk and ROI, function and form. The synthesis of left and right brain is what makes us able to deliver projects that are as beautiful as they are results-driven. Here are the people that make magic happen every day. 

Co-Founder and CEO

Heather Adams

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

David Molesky

Sales & Marketing Strategist

Larissa Katsiris

Account Director

Molly Lux

UX Strategist, Developer

Matt Horning

Associate Creative Director

Valerie Baier

Content Strategist

Jessica Beuker


Michele Friesen

Project Coordinator

Mona Khan


Jill Leclerc


Morgan Leber


Mellary Bitner


Abieyuwa Adeseiye

Web Developer

Autumn Parker

Web Developer

Meg Wilken

Web Developer

Julie Larson

We’re Different. 

Our biggest differentiator? We get brand management. Brand isn’t static —- it’s ever changing, in a state of constant flux, having life breathed into it by your customers and transmorphing every day. The brands we create and reimagine are full of vigor and intensity. We create something amazing, and then we focus on what can be better. There is no state of perfection, though we’ll constantly work to achieve it for you. We’re agile, explorative, innovative, curious and excited. At Rock & Bloom, we like to be involved in projects from the spark of an idea through to fruition and reporting so we can build a brand representative of your passion. 

We’re a team of experts who love what we do. Our work is part of what defines who we are, and we’re proud of that work. Your success is our success, and we like to win.