Canadian brand studio launches Brand-Aid: pro bono marketing services for organizations

Hi. We’re Rock & Bloom. 

We’re a Canadian-based brand studio with a knack for creating beautiful, functional, and results-driven projects. We’ve been fortunate to make a career out of building relationships and creating killer brands for hundreds of clients across North America. We do everything from logo refreshes, to full-blown websites, to crafting game-changing campaigns

One of our core values at Rock & Bloom is ‘make a difference’. For us, making a difference can be as big as changing the lives of small business owners or as tiny as supporting local restaurants when we eat out. One of the ways we like to make a difference is through working with non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Non-profit organizations and small businesses do so much for our local community, and yet very often lack the budget to elevate their brand or even properly communicate their services and skills to potential donors, clients or customers. They might lack the resources needed to create a strong brand identity, build a fully-functional, and user-friendly website, or to tell their story in an effective and far-reaching way. And yet, these are the stories that need to be heard the most.

Introducing Rock & Bloom’s Brand Aid

We created Brand Aid with the goal of helping clients elevate their brand and tell their story through in-kind donated work. The brands that we choose align with our values and respect the work that we do.

“At the core of our business is to make an impact. We don’t just want to make things that are pretty – we want to affect change in clients’ businesses.”

– Heather Adams, CEO of Rock & Bloom

Our mission is to be the best brand studio to work with and work for. A part of our process involves continually talking to our employees, rating fulfillment after each project, and really listening to the feedback from our team about what projects we love working on.

Brand Aid is not only meaningful to the client, but also fills the cups of our team members who are passionate about the work they are doing.

Are you interested in becoming Rock & Bloom’s next Brand Aid organization of choice? 

Who you are  

  • You’re a non-profit or small business, looking to achieve a specific goal, but held back by budget constraints
  • You’re located in Vancouver or the Vancouver Area
  • You align with our 5 core values: Make a difference, Take risks, Be open & honest, Share, and Aspire

 How to apply

  • Send us an email to with details about who you are and what goals you’re looking to achieve
  • Include what draws you to Rock & Bloom and how you align with our core values
  • Keep doing amazing things!