Working Together

Our job is making you look good, and making it look easy!

Here’s what you need to know about working with us…

1) We always start from the top

We approach every enterprise from the top, starting with the high level strategy and goals, working our way down to the delicate details. With clearly defined objectives, each piece of your collateral becomes a step toward conquering your goals, chock full of your brand identity. Our approach is empowering, giving our clients the tools they need to be successful and marketing goods that wow their customers. We like to be involved in projects from the spark of an idea through to fruition and reporting, so we can define your expectations and then cover them in dust.

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2) We deliver value, not hours

We charge by the project, never the hour. Don’t sweat it if you want some changes, an update, a phone call, a conversation—we’re on your team now.

3) Design is built in

Design isn’t separate from what we do—it’s everything we do. Heck, it may just be who we are. Good design isn’t the lemon wedge in the drink or the hero image on your homepage. Good design is so fully integrated with your brand and your objectives that it becomes each project.

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4) We are a team of the best

We’re greater than the sum of our parts, but our parts are pretty wonderful, too. We’ve carefully curated a team that’s full of unique and incredible talent. Each person is a subject matter expert in an area that is essential to creating remarkable brand strategy, whether that’s design, web projects, video, development, marketing, content or project management. There are no middle wo/men at Rock & Bloom—every team member working on your project brings momentous value.

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5) Data driven work

Usually we deliver what you want, and always we deliver what you need. Through our trusted processes of intense research, creative facilitation and digging deep into objectives, we uncover the problem that needs to be solved and tackle it with tenacity and ferocity.

6) Your success = our success

We like to play in the mud, get our hands dirty. We want to learn about your business, your goals and your strategies and then build something that drives the results you need. You’re the expert in your business, we’re the expert in ours—collaboration is crucial to the success of your project. When we see your product flying off the shelves, your door swinging, your phone ringing and your bottom line growing, we’re truly happy. There is no greater joy and no metric better to measure than seeing our work manifest itself as your success.

7) We’re fun

When we left a meeting at Palliser, Scott Byers said “This is why I love working with Rock & Bloom, every meeting makes me happy and leaves me with more energy!” That made us shine. It’s what we strive for and something we hear all the time, and we never tire of the repetition. Our energy, optimism and grit make working with us fun, exciting and productive.

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