Cultivating Success: Ag Company’s Fresh Branding Elevates the Fertilizer Industry 

Vantage Ag is a manufacturer and distributor of liquid fertilizers. Offering a fresh approach and choice over the big companies, Vantage Ag helps increase growers’ chances for success.

Catering to independent ag dealers, agronomists and growers, the team at Vantage Ag are experts at building high-value relationships through high-value products and a customized approach. They understand the unique challenges that farmers face and aim to remove barriers with their new fertilizer technology that’s environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency and liquid technology. 

Vantage Ag wanted to position itself as an independent manufacturer and distributor, appealing to both large and small agricultural companies. Focusing on technology and products, our goal was to gain potential new clients across North America.

Challenge Accepted

Working closely with the Vantage Ag team, we were able to create a new design that reflects their brand, and build a new website that effectively tells their story and conveys why they’re different from other distributors.

Big Goals Lead to Big Gains

The project scope included: 

  • Brand Strategy
    • Personas
    • Key messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Assets
    • Business cards
    • Slide deck templates
    • Product packaging
  • Custom Design & Strategic Site Architecture
    • Custom infographics
    • Site architecture comprehensively built with users in mind
  • Website design & development

Getting Down to Business  

Brand Identity

Our goals with this brand were to convey a feeling of strength & approachability, while also showcasing how they are technologically advanced & innovative.

We created a scalable design that is professional, yet simple to manage. Without being overly complex, the brand can grow and evolve as the business does.


The Vantage Ag logo is simple, clean, and recognizable. It is composed of small line shapes, which play homage to the rows in a farmer’s field. These small lines create two larger triangle shapes that represent the letters V and A in the company’s name.

Colour Palette

Colour is an integral part of Vantage Ag’s brand identity, and reinforces the cohesiveness of the brand. The primary colours are Sprout Green and Harvest Green, with Black as the main accent colour. 

Green is symbolic of the prairies of Saskatchewan, and is known to symbolize growth and renewal. The secondary colours complement the primary colours and represent “dusk to dawn” – Dedicated and hard-working, a farmer’s work never ends.


We needed to create a website that features product details with images and concise descriptions, designed to drive potential new clients to contact Vantage Ag’s team. The design is meant to be scalable, flexible, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, all while meeting accessibility guidelines.

Leveraging Vantage Ag’s new branding, we used images and illustrations to further highlight their technology, educating end-users about the benefits of their products.


The Vantage Ag brand is about supporting farmers through the innovation of fertilizer technology, and strong relationship building. The images are meant to balance the stories of these people and the positive effects of Vantage’s fertilizer product.

The photography is clean, natural and professional. We wanted to focus on 3 main aspects: Showcasing agricultural fields from above, relatable farmers at work, and the macro detailed images of plants and all their parts.


Combining design and development, we created a custom animated infographic to highlight and explain how Vantage Ag’s sub nano technology actively works. The infographic visually breaks down technical information in a digestible way. Oh, and did we mention that it’s cool to look at too!

Celebrating The Wins

Our partnership with Vantage Ag was collaborative and creative. We created a bold and refreshing design that sets Vantage Ag apart, while showcasing them as a leader in their industry.

“Rock & Bloom does outstanding work, we have had many compliments from our customers on the site.”

Paul, founder

Check out their new website to learn more about how they’re changing the game for growers everywhere.

How we helped one of the largest Canadian insurance brokers empower their customers

Butler Byers’ motto is “insurance made easy” – and they do just that.

Dedicated to exceptional service, Butler Byers represents the best and most reputable insurance companies worldwide, helping customers navigate the complex world of insurance in a way that’s easy, peasy, and always breezy.

Founded in 1907, Butler Byers has been serving their community for over 100 years. Not many companies get to claim this feat, and it’s Butler Byers thoughtful approach to insurance that has helped them grow to become one of the largest independent insurance brokers in Western Canada.

Challenge Accepted

We were lucky to have worked with Butler Byers in the past, so when approached with this new website project we were eager to jump on board.

The goals of the website included:

  • Improving the Butler Byers brand
  • Shifting to a focus on self-service
  • Developing strong call to actions 
  • Creating a clear division between personal lines and commercial lines

Getting Down to Business  


One aspect of this project was ensuring the separation of personal and commercial insurance. We used different brand colours – darker versus lighter blue – to highlight the separation, as well as high quality photography to help tell the story from each perspective. Adding a human element through photography helps to make the site feel relatable and trustworthy. 

Another aspect of the project was making sure the site was as simple as possible for people to navigate. We wanted to approach insurance in a comfortable way that puts the user at ease. 

We did this through a super user-friendly design.The ‘Get a Quote’ section acts as a step-by-step guide, walking the user through the process and ensuring they have what they need from the start. 

Finally, we wanted to highlight Butler Byer’s podcast, further promoting their brand while offering valuable insights to their customers. We used sleek animations throughout to add some character, while keeping the site professional and clean.

Celebrating The Wins

As a repeat partner, our relationship with Butler Byers is filled with lots of trust and open communication.

When I took over the marketing role at Butler Byers, I was lucky to step into a great working relationship with Rock and Bloom. Their expert guidance and deep understanding of our brand and their ability to offer clear, actionable advice truly sets them apart. We have complete trust in their expertise to enhance our brand’s visibility and alignment.

Shelby Pederson – Business Development Coordinator 

This project was a collaboration between the minds of both of our teams, and resulted in a clean, functional website that delivers a positive user-experience. Check out their website to see their unique approach to making insurance accessible for everyone. 

Energizing change: How we transformed an international energy brand for global impact 

Based in The Netherlands, WMC Energy leverages their network, market knowledge and financial engineering capability to bring the raw materials produced by mining companies around the world to the processors and end-users that help build a cleaner future.

In other words, they provide the resource solutions needed for the global energy transition to an efficient, stable and sustainable society.

A vital mission such as this one needs a strong brand, a functional website, and impactful messaging to support and drive their efforts. We were honoured to take on the challenge and position WMC for growth.

Challenge Accepted

WMC has continued to gain traction; our challenge was to build off of the momentum that has been generated, while attracting and retaining key partners with a credible, professional brand.

Through a balance of professionalism, sophistication and innovation, we wanted to build a strong and confident brand that generates excitement and energy, acting as a foundation for the business as it continues to evolve.

Big Goals Lead to Big Gains 

The project scope included: 

  • Brand strategy
    • Key messaging 
  • Brand Identity
    • New logo
    • Colour palette
    • Font selection
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Marketing Collateral 
  • Website Redesign
  • Photography Creative Direction

Getting Down to Business  


The WMC logo is simple, clean, and recognizable. We opted for a modern take, while clean lines represent a strong and timeless aesthetic.

The logo is in movement; it’s fluid and flexible. The ‘W’ and ‘M’ connect, representing the link that they provide to a cleaner future. 

Colours & Fonts 

To complement the new logo, we chose modern colours and fonts, embodying a fresh and exciting feel, while remaining polished and professional.

Colour is an integral part of WMC’s brand identity and reinforces the cohesiveness of the brand. The color palette was inspired by Amsterdam, where it all started. The old palette was cold, whereas the new palette – featuring oranges, reds and golds as accents – is warm and inviting.

Typography is a powerful brand tool when used consistently. We chose a font that perfects the balance of rugged and weathered, creating a sophisticated trustworthiness. Our secondary font is purposefully plain, prioritizing legibility and balancing the expressiveness of the other fonts.

“We are glad to have chosen Rock and Bloom as our rebranding partner. They have done an amazing job in designing a brand and logo that reflects our company vibe, values and most important—ENERGY. We are a dynamic group, who cares about our world’s energy transition, and we feel that our new brand captures this sentiment and drive.

Leah Laxdal, WMC Group, Amsterdam


One aspect of this project was ensuring that WMC didn’t come across as a startup. They have the challenge of competing with massive players in the space, and we wanted to make sure they stood out for the work they do.

This meant breaking down a complex business model and making it easy to understand. We created visually appealing infographics that explain their process in a concise and easily digestible way. We also used key messaging to tell their story in a compelling way that would resonate with users.
Photography played a pivotal role in conveying WMC brand’s essence and values. We wanted to focus on showcasing people in their visual storytelling, as it aligns with their core business value of building strong and lasting relationships.

Celebrating The Wins

We loved working with this international team. Through thoughtful collaboration and intentional design choices we created a brand that really makes a splash in their industry, helping them stand out from the competition and positioning them for future growth.

WMC is building a reliable business that will continue to grow and expand for many years – this new brand will set them up for success, helping contribute to global energy sustainability and security.

Despite being a company based in Amsterdam, Rock and Bloom were flexible to work around our time difference and facilitate digital meetings that accommodated our busy schedules and varied availability. They provided regular communication and project updates, and they were able to pivot with our feedback throughout the entire project.”

Leah Laxdal, WMC Group, Amsterdam

Check out their new brand and website to learn more about how they’re changing the world.