Crafting a bold and nostalgic identity for a unique Canadian city

As one of the fastest growing cities in Saskatchewan, Weyburn is recognized as one of the more desirable places to live and work. Weyburn is a dynamic community with a long history of dedication to providing an exceptional quality of life for residents. 

Weyburn Tourism is dedicated to ensuring that residents and visitors have a positive experience. Through their website, social media channels and visitor guides, they highlight the very best of Weyburn. From cozy cafes to unique shops; historic museums to scenic nature trails – they prove that there is truly something for everyone.

Challenge Accepted

The team at Weyburn Tourism was ready to embrace a big change. Their old brand was outdated and stale, and their presence in the community was often confused with The City of Weyburn. Weyburn Tourism wanted to ensure that their presence was felt and that people understood their mission. They wanted to create a brand that would impact visitors and that the residents of Weyburn could feel proud of. 

The goals of the project included:

  • Drive residents of Saskatchewan to visit Weyburn
  • Develop personas to be used for future guidance, marketing, and direction planning
  • Create messaging to complement Weyburn Tourism, but resonate with and attract all residents of Saskatchewan
  • Update the visual identity with a modern look and feel

Getting Down to Business  

Brand Strategy

We started with a brand sprint to dive deep into the clients’ business and really understand their goals and challenges.

We really needed to understand what would drive people to Weyburn, both from a resident and non-resident perspective. We crafted a survey for both groups and distilled the results, using the insights to create three distinct personas.

Once we knew who we were speaking to we were able to craft key messaging that encapsulates the essence of Weyburn and speaks to the uniqueness of this small city with a big feel.


Rather than change Weyburn Tourism’s name, we opted to give them a new slogan. We felt that a slogan would hold more weight and move the needle in the right direction since the brand and slogan are what really bring Tourism to life.

We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the city’s slogan and opt for something that was unique, catchy and fresh.

“What’s Up, Weyburn!” resonates with their ideal personas, especially the younger generation. Without being cliche, it very clearly ties to tourism and is perfect to build a marketing campaign around, serving as its own call-to-action.

Brand Identity

The Slogan design embraces how fun Weyburn really is. Bold and nostalgic, we opted for a retro colour palette and a retro font. It’s playful and eye-catching, without being cheesy or cliche. Most importantly, it’s uniquely Weyburn.


We created a simplified and modern logo mark that pairs nicely with the bold tagline. It’s easy to use on different backgrounds and is clean and modern, setting the team up for future growth.


The final piece of the project was to come up with a video concept that would bring everything together. We wanted to poise Weyburn as a destination city, highlighting their unique amenities, while staying true to their cozy, small-town feel.

Keeping in line with the retro slogan, we leaned even further into the nostalgia aspect, opting for an old-timey voice over that takes you through a long list of things to see and do in Weyburn at record speed. It’s unique, attention-grabbing and definitely will stick with you long after it stops playing

Celebrating The Wins

The team at Weyburn Tourism were open-minded and eager during the entire rebrand process. They were ready to drive their own narrative and take control of the image that Weyburn Tourism represents.

This project was a fun and an exciting collaboration between both of our teams, and resulted in an even more fun and exciting rebrand. Check out their website and follow them on social media to see even more of this rebrand in the wild. And don’t forget to add Weyburn to your travel bucket list!