Exclusive brand workshop offers entrepreneurs a chance to level up

Sought-after Saskatchewan brand studio, Rock & Bloom, is launching their first-ever, fully-funded ‘Ultimate Brand Course and Workshop’

For immediate release.  June 6, 2022, Saskatoon, SK, 

Rock & Bloom has made a career out of building relationships and creating killer brands for hundreds of clients across North America, from agricultural giants to local small businesses, and everything in between. Now, they’re turning to local business owners, non-profit directors, and senior level decision makers to offer an immersive, in-person, and fully-funded ‘Ultimate Brand Course and Workshop’. 

“Your brand is the backbone for business decisions,” says Heather Adams, Co-Founder and CEO. “The companies that know their brand and can communicate it well through every facet of their business are going to be the most successful.” 

Facilitated by founders Heather Adams & David Molesky, the decision to offer workshops presents an opportunity to connect with and help businesses that haven’t had the chance to work with Rock & Bloom in the past. 

“We want to help businesses, and we hate having to say no,” says Adams. “So when someone comes to us and they’re really excited to work with us, but for some reason it doesn’t align – whether it’s because of budget or timing or a number of other things – it’s really hard. We see this as an opportunity to help these businesses lay the foundation for their brand strategy to truly level up for the future.” 

All too often, business owners and entrepreneurs are working in their business, as opposed to working on their business. This course will allow them to focus on their own business’ needs by following a curriculum-based approach that leaves plenty of room to actually apply the fundamentals. Business owners will be able to leverage brand experts to challenge them by asking tough questions and helping them see their brand through a different lens. 

“The foundation of Rock & Bloom and why we exist is not just to make pretty things, like beautiful designs or nice websites; it’s to actually help affect change in a client’s business. if we can affect change and help them reach that next level, distribute to a new market, launch a new product – that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.”

For all the details, visit workshop.rockandbloom.com

About Rock & Bloom

Rock & Bloom is a top-tier brand design studio that leaves a lasting impact on your growing business.  We take an authentic and honest approach to every project we touch. We create killer brands that shape perceptions, build an audience and drive sales.