5 Highly Underrated Vegetarian Shops to Support in Saskatoon

Are you a vegetarian? Or perhaps you’re just someone who wants to try cooking more vegetarian food?

Whatever your reason, this list outlines my top five Saskatoon staples that cater to vegetarians. Use it to inspire you the next time you’re looking to eat out or want to enjoy some delicious vegetarian options at home. Whether you live in Saskatoon or are simply passing through, I hope you find these tips useful.

Good Farmer Tofu

Tofu isn’t something that most people think about, but if you’re going to buy tofu from the grocery store, you should know that you’re probably getting a less-than-fresh product that tastes like cardboard. Good Farmer Tofu has some of the freshest and most delicious tofu you’ll find anywhere in Saskatoon. They sell traditional Chinese-style tofu and their soybeans are always fresh, which is what gives it its amazing flavour. You can enjoy their tofu on its own or use it in any recipe that calls for it! I’ve visited this place a few times to stock up my freezer. Visit the recently opened location in Stonebridge to try their fresh products and meet their friendly staff members.

Bulk Basket

Located directly across the street from the Rock & Bloom headquarters, I love shopping at Bulk Basket. I am always finding things there that I have a hard time finding anywhere else, which is why it is such a staple for me. Bulk Basket sells tons of products in – you guessed it – bulk, which means you can grab as little or as much as you need. They have a wide variety of items such as loose leaf teas, unique spices, uncommon flours, and so many kinds of dried beans. My favourite thing to pick up would be the Depuy French green lentils, which have a nutty and peppery flavor. You can use them in so many vegetarian recipes to add flavour and texture. If you’re looking for a quick snack, Honey & Mustard Soya Sticks are the way to go.

Scratch Provisions

Sometimes we want something warm and comforting that makes us feel good when we eat it.  Scratch Provisions makes fresh, personal-sized, New Zealand-inspired savory pies that are the perfect thing to have in your freezer for when you’re on the go or even to share with friends! They always have the board full of different options to try, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavours. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Floating Gardens

It’s April and your garden bed hasn’t even thawed yet. You’re craving those sweet garden vegetables, but the tomatoes at the grocery store taste like trash. What do you do? You can either settle for mediocrity or you can check out Floating Gardens. Through Hydroponics, they grow delicious produce indoors year-round.

Seasoned Fusion Tastes

Anyone who’s tried to follow a vegetarian diet goes to a restaurant knowing that their veggie options are going to be limited if they even exist at all. SinceAsian cuisine is inherently non-veggie, stumbling across a veggie option is a rare find. ​​So when I discovered Seasoned Fusion Tastes, I was pleasantly surprised to find it had everything I had been missing. They serve all the classics, including a vegan wonton soup, and have a large selection of other veggie options to choose from.