Design Projects

Bold, gutsy art meets results-driven focus

At Rock & Bloom, design never takes a backseat. Good design is fully integrated into each project from the outset. And when we’re given the opportunity to do more, create a standalone design piece, we thrive.

We create design projects for clients that rise above the clutter, the mundane, the mediocrity. Our job is to make inspired work that inspires you and your customers. Posters, books, album covers, product packaging, billboards, interactive digital experiences, social imagery, merch, brochures, VR—our experienced designers have done it all and they want to do more. We ache for the opportunity to use new technology and techniques to make something both beautiful and compelling.

Aside from our #madskills, the design work we do is unique in another way: it’s the perfect combination of left brain and right brain, peanut butter and jelly, art and science. Not only will we create something beautiful, but we’ll create something that will achieve your goals. We put humans first, the people who will be experiencing the design—to create work that is brave and results-driven.

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