Company and Product Naming

Your name is your destiny

A rose by any other name…won’t perform as well on the marketplace and can’t differentiate itself from competitors. And we’re not just talking flowers. A new product means a new revenue stream; a new name means a new opportunity. When Angie’s Kettlecorn became Boom Chickapop, changing their packaging and brand, they increased revenue 12 fold. Macintosh portable became the Powerbook in 1991 and, well I’m sure you know that story. Ever heard of the Zune? You’re likely more familiar with the competitor that came after and dominated—the ipod. Kleenex®. Swiffer. Febreeze. Jacuzzi. Crock-pot. Breathalyzer. Chapstick. Lego. Every brand has a story, and every story starts with a name.

Your name is crucial.

Our process is strategic—a mix of linguistics, market competitiveness, catchiness, domain availability and a few other tidbits—without being bloated. Each team member brings unique and incredible value from their area of expertise to provide you with a name that’s chock full of your brand identity and has a propensity for growth.

Where to Begin

We’ll start with your company’s raison d’etre. And in case you’re not French, your brand’s reason for being. We’ll do a pile of research and quiz you (don’t worry, it’s fun!): What’s your value proposition? Who are your competitors? What sets you apart from everyone else? What are your key benefits? Your ultimate selling proposition? We’ve got an appetite and aren’t afraid to grab another fork.

Our process is unique and proven. Data and creativity, excitement and innovation. The importance of a name cannot be underestimated. It is your company or product at a glance. It is your first opportunity to connect with consumers. Your name needs to ring out, be functional and memorable. There are tens of millions of trademarks, more than a billion websites and an endless stream of potential customers to connect to. It’s a messy landscape. Your name needs to get you attention, be memorable, tell your story.

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