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Evoke an emotional response

Build the kind of brand you would trust. More than a buzzword, brand needs to create buzz, evoke emotion, compel a customer. Your brand identity is pivotal to your success. People buy from brands they trust, and that trust is developed over consistency and memorability.

Creating a brand identity for new companies is very different from reimagining the identify of an existing brand. Our unique and strategic approach works for brands at any stage of that tumultuous, exciting, nonlinear, branding life cycle. Why do you get up and go to work every morning? We want to share that raison d’etre with the world.

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Brand Identity for a New Business

This is fun. We love to pour out all the blocks and then see what masterpiece we can build together. Step one is choosing a name, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Our naming process is scientific and creative, and once you’re thrilled with that, the next steps in building a brand identity can take place.

What’s your why? What are the values and beliefs that drive your company? How the heck are you different from those other folks? What’s your brand’s personality? How will you communicate your message to the world? Oy, there are a lot of questions to delve into when creating a shatter proof brand identity.

Every brand identity project is different because every brand is different. Our structured, data driven process will leave you excited and inspired. Your industry knowledge layered with our design expertise work together to create an identity worth sharing, an identity your customers will want to be a part of.

Brand Identity for an Existing Business

Even if you did all the right things when you launched your brand, there comes a time in every brand’s life when it needs to be reimagined. Imagining takes dreaming—we’ll be your Ambien. Or, um, melatonin. Or sleep. Whatever the analogy, we’ll be your creative data machine.

Adding new revenue streams, growing your business, changing with the times—all necessary acts of brand survival—can leave your brand fragmented and unrepresentative of all that you are now. Aside from all that growth and change you experience, your audience changes and your competitors are always evolving.

Similar to creating a new brand identity, when we reimagine, we’ll give you a story. There are lots of reasons to revitalize your brand—broaden appeal, new target audience, fluctuating company leadership, additional revenue streams, new opportunities. Whatever the reason, we’ll help you become yourself.

Let’s build a brand identity together

So, What Should You Expect?

Some things you can expect from us throughout the brand identity process, though each identity is unique so we’ll custom build what you need:

  1. Collaboration. And in a big way. We work with you to define goals and objectives, talk about problems and solutions. This will lead to a creative brief.
  2. Logo. This is the shorthand for your business, and we don’t take signatures lightly. Built by experienced designers who collaborate with creatives and analysts, you’ll love stamping your logo everywhere.
  3. Brand guides. Consistency is essential to brand identity; consistency is delivering on a promise over and over again. And consistency solidifies a brand’s image and power of persuasion. Your brand guide ensures that the work of many hands comes across as one voice.
  4. More. Because your project is unique, and we consider ourselves irregular, nonlinear, creative thinkers, you’ll get what you need from the brand identity process. That can mean intensely researched customer personas, an event plan and launch, deep digital strategy, brand videos, asset kits, photoshoots, social media blueprints, etc. This brand identity process has even resulted in completely new business plans and recipes. Crazy, right? We’ve been called that before.

Whether you’re in the midst of an identity crisis or launching a new brand, this is where we come together to create magic and take your story to the people.

Time for new brand identity?

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